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Your element: Earth
Your ruling planets: Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin
Your stone: Sapphire
Life Pursuit: To do the right thing

Vibration: Compassionate and caring

Virgo's Secret Desire: To love and be loved in return

According to many astrologists, Virgo is not a pleasant zodiac sign. They believe that Virgo is narrow- minded and fussy. However, everybody agrees that, when a Virgo becomes shiny, no other zodiac signs can beat them. They can reach at the pinnacle of success. Lack of self confidence is the main issue faced by Virgos. When they find wisdom and courage to face issues, they will readily become successful. You can see plenty of Virgos in service sectors. Most of them are teachers, social workers, and doctors. In the case of romantic life, they might face many bitter experiences. No matter how many times they have betrayed by others, they will still trust their love.

The soul of a Virgo is very delicate. They have a sensitive and creative mind, filled with love and compassion. However, these positive qualities will remain hidden in most of them. Sapphire is the lucky stone of Virgos. They will be always near, whenever a friend needs them. They can provide efficient advices and assistance, in order to resolve every issue. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo. Their mental vibration status says that they are very caring people with a good and lovable heart..

Ganesh Devi Lord Krishna Lord Siva Ayyappa Hanuman Chottanikkara Amma

"Prediction will come true only if proper tribute/remuneration is given."
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