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Your element: Water
Your ruling planets: Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Your stone: Bloodstone
Life Pursuit: To avoid feeling alone and instead feel connected to others and the world at large

Vibration: Erratic Energy levels

Pisces Secret Desire: To live their dreams and turn fantasies into realities.

"Mysterious" - You can wrap up the description about their personality in one word. Pisces are very talented people, but they often get confused easily. The inability to use opportunities makes them disillusioned. It is possible for them to develop a habit of positive thinking, in order to achieve success in life. You can easily understand their mind set, by analyzing the symbol of Pisces. In their symbol of two fishes, one is faced upward and other is faced downward. This is exactly their situation. Their life is perfectly balanced between two extremities. They can either become a failure, or easily become a successful person.

The element of Pisces is water. Number two is very special for them. Their zodiac symbol says that they are the combination of good and evil. Certain life situations can bring them luck. If you are a Pisces, you should try hard to defeat the ugly side of your persona. Due to their vulnerable character, they find it pretty hard to make friends. You can see their names among top businessmen in the world. Blood stone is quite special for Pisces. These stones can bring them good fortune. They have different vibration energy levels and their ruling planet is Neptune.

Ganesh Devi Lord Krishna Lord Siva Ayyappa Hanuman Chottanikkara Amma

"Prediction will come true only if proper tribute/remuneration is given."
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