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Numerology is a branch of science, which studies the powers of numbers and its influence in a personís life.

Numerology deciphers the hidden power of numbers and is often closely linked with spirituality. For instance, consider the number 0. It is considered to be a number that encircles the universe as the inner portion of the number is plane and has an outer covering. This is matched with the state of human beings. Man always feels that he leads a separate life from the whole universe. He recognises himself as the body and not the soul (Jeevatma). The Indian epics advise to find the all- pervading God within oneís own soul or inner self. The factor that keeps human mind away from this eternal truth is called as cosmic delusion (Maaya).

The top part of every number represents its mental and spiritual qualities and the bottom part defines the material and worldly affairs.

The number 0 is considered to represent this cosmic delusion. This number has the power to make a feel, which originally doesnít exist. For instance, try adding 0 after 1, and then the number 1 appears to be 10. With this addition the number loses its original form and assumes to be a new number. This is similar to the soul appearing in multiple forms due to Maaya.

Series of points are connected in a straight direction to form 1. This represents the consistency of mind and strong determination to start new ventures. As 1 resembles a pillar, it shows the leadership quality, sternness and independency. People with number 1 as their lucky number will posses all these qualities and are likely to be more creative.

2 can be defined as an open 0 with a round shaped upper portion. Unlike zero, it doesnít possess complete Maaya. Hence there is a space for new ideas. These people will always be open for new thoughts and knowledge. They will be diplomatic and flexible to innovations. As this number has a strong horizontal base, they can easily succeed if the inventive ideas are creatively used.

Now consider 3, it has open at the same time round ends, both at the top and bottom. This indicates the ability to both receive and provide new ideas and the potential to involve oneself in continuous development. It also express determination, goal oriented hard work, self- expression and optimism. This number lets a person to achieve his ends from his own intelligence and open mindedness to spirituality.

If a 3 is closed with another 3 it creates an 8. It is closed at two ends and is twisted in between, this show a complete Maaya at two ends. This number makes people completely ignorant about the truth. They will always spoil their life in clutches of Karma. They will never be able to come out of the material world or gain spiritual enlightenment. However the balance of the loops of this number shows a balance in their life. These people will be disciplined and patient.

Decipher the meaning of 4, it resembles to a person sitting firmly or attached to the ground. The triangular shape in the top part indicates fire. This showcases the strong desire to material wants. These people will be very materialistic. It also indicates unconventional behaviour.

When compared to other numbers 5 has a distinct identity. It has a flat top and open round bottom. The flat top shows the personsí stability. However the round bottom represents Maaya or desire for material wants. In total these people will be able to gain their material rewards with stable behaviour. They will be mascots of strong communication and dynamic behaviour, these people will be born businessman.

7 is very much similar to 5 with a straight top. They use their stability in achieving spiritual goals. They will never use their potential for material desires.

6 is number which forms a round shape and the bottom has a closed round shape, very much similar to 0. It looks like a pregnant lady and hence this number will hold feminine characteristic. People will be more artistic and creative. The bottom round indicating Maaya, shows their mental state and love towards family.

9 is an inversion of 6. The person will headed by Maaya. They may not think but will work hard. They will have a love to the world and material life. These people are usually courageous.

Apart from all these, numbers are often connected to many planets, depending on the planetary vibrations.

Thus†1- Sun,†2- Moon,†3- Jupiter,†4- Uranus or Rahu,†5- Mercury,†6- Venus,†7- Neptune or Kethu,†8- Saturn, and†9- Mars.

Number 0 is not connected to any planet. It is root cause of all numbers and gives strength to others

The numbers are attached to Alphabets also.†1- A, I, J, Q, Y.†2- B, K, R.†3- C, G, L, S.†4- D, M, T.†5- E, H, N, X.†6- U, V, W.†7- O, Z.†8- F, P.†

lets explain with an example. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, a great saint and philosopher from India, was born on 12th January 1863.†

His birth date number: 12:- 1+2= 3.
His birth compound number: 12+1+1863 = 22.
His birth single number: 2+2 = 4.
His name single number: SWAMI VIVEKANANDA = 52 = 7.

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