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Your element: Fire
Your ruling planets: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Your stone: Peridot
Life Pursuit: To lead the way

Vibration: Radiant Energy

Leo's Secret Desire: To be a star

You can see the life in its all glory, by analyzing a Leo. Fire is the basic element of this zodiac, and it is not just a coincidence. You can see a positive and blistering personality in a Leo. They give importance to love and compassion. Before taking a decision, they always consult it with their heart. So, in difficult situations, they will only do what heart says. With the help of that charming and amiable persona, Leo can attract a lot of friends. They can also use their leadership qualities, to resolve practical issues.

They are very fortunate and lucky. Therefore, they won't have to look for opportunities, the opportunities will find them. Even if things are different, that won't affect a Leo. They have got that immense confidence and ostentation, which will help them to conquer everything on their path. Their ruling planet is sun, and they posses many characteristics of their planet. They are very trusting and caring. They will never cheat their love. You can observe total devotion and care in their love saga. However, once they get deceived or cheated, they will never ever forget it. High energy level and a charismatic personality make them so special.

Ganesh Devi Lord Krishna Lord Siva Ayyappa Hanuman Chottanikkara Amma

"Prediction will come true only if proper tribute/remuneration is given."
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