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Your element: Air
Your ruling planets: Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Your stone: Aquamarine
Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything.

Vibration: Intense mental energy

Gemini's Secret Desire: To be ahead of the crowd

Air is the basic element and mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. This small portrayal says it all. You know that, according to Greek mythology, Mercury is the messenger of gods. He travels from places to places endlessly. You can also see these character idiosyncrasies in people with birth symbol Gemini. Due to the continuous struggle and search for knowledge, they are always on the move. Gemini can lead a spicy life, because their innate kinky nature. Even though they don't want to have a deep knowledge in any particular subject, the surface area of their knowledge is extremely vast. It helps them to deal with realistic issues easily.

The sign of twins is an excellent depiction of their overall persona. Gemini loves companionship. These specialties fused in their nature helps them to lead a healthy social life. They are usually blessed with good linguistic talent. Gemini loves to read, write, and study new languages, whenever they get time. Just like Scorpio and Virgos, people often mention Gemini in their conversations. They are the most 'discussed' people. So, when they walk, they can literally hear people talking about them. Gemini is the zodiac sign of multi talented people.

Ganesh Devi Lord Krishna Lord Siva Ayyappa Hanuman Chottanikkara Amma

"Prediction will come true only if proper tribute/remuneration is given."
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