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Your element: Earth
Your ruling planets: Saturn
Symbol: The Goat
Your stone: Garnet
Life Pursuit: To be proud of their achievements
Vibration: Poweful resilient energy
Capricorn Secret Desire: to be admired by their family and friends and the world at large

Capricorn is well regarded as the high roller's zodiac. However, most people don't know about the peculiarities that lie inside Capricorn. There are mainly two types of Capricorns; mountain goat and garden goat. As you can understand from the name itself, mountain goats are always ambitious. They tend to climb higher and higher. As you all know, garden goats will try to remain calm and peaceful. People with Capricorn sign basically know how to achieve success. However, they need to keep work and emotional fulfillment in balance.

Due to the continuous and never ending thirst towards success, they love new challenges and deadlines. All these undercurrents will make them stronger. Their ultimate desire to climb the eternal mountain of success will make them move forward, irrespective of difficulties. Saturn is the planet of 'Capricorns'. It corresponds to responsibility, success, and hard working mentality.

Capricorn people tend to be workaholic. However, due to the innate potential to balance different life situations, they can enjoy the life, without losing concentration from work. Unlike other workaholics, their stunning sense of humor will erupt at the most unexpected moments. This will help them to maintain a cool relationship with friends, work partners, and family members.

Ganesh Devi Lord Krishna Lord Siva Ayyappa Hanuman Chottanikkara Amma

"Prediction will come true only if proper tribute/remuneration is given."
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