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Astrology is an idea based on planetary motions, to predict the behaviors, personality, and future of humans. The character and fate of every person is already written. If you can foresee the issues, you will be able to counter it effectively. Thatís exactly where astrology comes to save you. Many people cannot understand how the movement of celestial objects can affect human world. It takes deep knowledge and years of study, to understand the basics of astrology. Science has managed to prove the relationship between earthís climate and celestial objects like planets, the sun, and the moon. So, it is obvious that astrological events can affect human life. Even the modern science is in favor of astrology.

Among westerners, astrology is more like a system of horoscope. It can predict the future and personality of an individual. All you need is the birth time. Experts can calculate the exact position and place value of planets at the time of your birth. This will help them to create a detailed report about your life. When you study history, you will find many similar methods of prediction in different cultures. Ancient people knew about the effect of astronomical events and human life, but only Indian astrology managed to develop as a scientific method.

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