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About Sumathy Valsan

astrosumathySumathy Valsan hails from an aristocratic Menon family of Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. From her very young age she showed keen interest in the science of astrology and her grandfather Mr. Kunjunni Menon and her father Mr. Ramdas Menon who already had mastered astrology brought her up by dictating the values and divinity of the fascinating science- astrology. Her loving mother Mrs. Kamalakshiamma and her dear siblings discovered her passion to master this science and became her back bone during her long journey of 35 years to pursue her destiny. And in the mean time, she completed her graduation in economics along with surprising all her Gurus in the field of astrology and later on become a reason for their pride.

     She married Mr. Valsan Thattengat, an incredible businessman, who also hails from an aristocratic Menon family of Kodungaloor. His ancestors also have a strong astrological background and his grandfather Sri. Kerala Varma Unnithiri was one of the best astrologers of Kerala and had conducted many Ashta Mangala Prasnas for various temples within the state.

    As years passed her intuition powers became predictions and turning points for many people who were unable to find solutions to their life's perplexing realities. She developed her power in the science of astrology and made her predictions about past, present and future of many people which in turn became the reality of their lives. Today, she is being adored for her extra ordinary predictions and her glory is spread not only among the people in Kerala but all around the world despite of caste and religion. With the help of the Astrology science she solves the problems of many people through counselling, pariharams ( remedial solutions) and lends a helping hand for thousands of people.

As a reward for her sincere divine hardwork she has been certified as the:

Jyothisha Bheeshmar
Jyotisha Shiromani
Prasna Booshanam
Jyotisha Kesari
Jyotisha Visharadh
Jyotisha Saradhi

Dealings with:

Traditional basis Prasna -both with Kavadi and Golandharam,
Tarrot cards..etc..

Behind all her success she always has her loving husband Mr.T.Valsan as the greatest support and her two dearly children. Her elder son Suvin works as an engineer in a Multi-National Company, Dubai and her younger son Vishal who is also an engineer is into business after finishing his MBA from Canada. She presently resides with her family in Cochin.

Her Sister Vijayalakshmi Gopinath(Geetha) manages another branch which functions at Trissur. She also holds Prasna Booshanam, Jyotisha Kesari, Jyothisha Visharadh and Jyotisha Saradhi, and is a practising astrologer for the last four years.

Ganesh Devi Lord Krishna Lord Siva Ayyappa Hanuman Chottanikkara Amma

"Prediction will come true only if proper tribute/remuneration is given."
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